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What is COVID Moonshot?

The COVID Moonshot is an ambitious crowdsourced initiative to accelerate the development of a COVID antiviral. We work in the open with no intellectual property constraints. This way, any scientist can view submitted drug designs and experimental data to inspire new design ideas. We use our cutting-edge machine learning tools and Folding@home's crowdsourced supercomputer to determine which drug designs to send to our partners to make and test in the lab. With each drug design tested, we get closer to our goal.

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Funds go toward making and testing the most promising antiviral candidates.

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Share Your Compute Power

Run molecular simulations on your computer when idle to help us find new molecules to test.

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Sprint 6 : Started Sun 12 Mar 22:59:00 UTC 2021


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Submit drug design ideas using the form below.

17,823 molecules submitted
1,470 synthesized and tested
258 structures
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Design a Compound, We Will Make It

We will prioritize compounds and send them out for synthesis and testing.


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  • Please specify the rationale in some detail (by eye, docking, FEP, ...)
  • Add any notes or special considerations regarding your compound (complex sythesis required, past experience, ...)
  • If there are other compounds related to your main structure, submit them as a comma separated list of SMILES
  • Please specify which molecules were used as inspiration
  • A PDB of the bound structure from simulations is optional

Thank you for joining this international group in trying to help
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Chodera Lab, MSKCC
  • Collaborative Drug Discovery
  • Delta Biosciences
  • Diamond Light Source, UK
  • DNDi
  • Enamine Ltd.
  • Folding@home
  • Lee Group, University of Cambridge
  • London Lab, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • MedChemica Ltd.
  • PostEra Inc.
  • Sai Life Sciences
  • Thames Pharma Partners
  • UCB
  • von Delft Group, SGC, University of Oxford
  • Walsh Group, Diamond Light Source
  • Many others around the world